Stunning website, stress free for $500, no hidden fees!

Stunning website, stress free for $500, no hidden fees!

You will have your website done in days, in Australia. It will be beautifully visible on any device and super SEO friendly.

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You can have your website in days!

Now, you can take advantage of our offer. You will have your website for only $500, fix budget and no hidden fees.

We have two different choices based on your needs:
- WordPress based content management system website.
It is recommended for businesses owners that wish to update their website by their own. It is the right choice for people which have the time and patience to use web WordPress editor to write their content or if the website will be updated very often.
- Static (serverless) website.
This is a perfect match for businesses owners that do not want to focus on website building and they will have seldom website updates.

Get your website now for only $500.

Are you ready for the mobile devices revolution? Your website will be perfect for mobile devices. Take advantage of the huge number of internet users which prefer mobile devices vs. conventional desktops and laptops.

Find below the main features for each of this choices in details. Also, compare them side by side to make the right decision.

WordPress website - Designed by us, controlled by you!

We choose WordPress because it is an easy to manage content management system, SEO friendly, clean, scalable and can be customized as a professional company website. Because of its qualities, it is used by many well know websites which make it trustable and reliable.

Custom website layout vs. website templates

Every business owner heard about “Brand uniqueness” and “Business point of difference”. At OLALA we know import is to be original and the weight of uniqueness from appearance to the way of doing business. Because of this we offer you customized website design to fit and represent your business.

You may find beautiful website templates for your website which will came to a more attractive price, but that template is not yours. These templates are used by many other businesses to display a shiny website. Your customers may reach one or two of those websites already and when he came to your website, nothing will make it memorable for him or her. Your brand will be confused and your customers will easily lose their way back to your website.
Plus, a template when you take it apart to make it your own will not look as good as it was before. Think of a website template as a puzzle. If you do not fit exactly all the pieces in their place, the puzzle does not reveal what it represents. Every designer concept is form from putting together all the elements of the website to fit perfectly from logo to shapes and colours to content and website propose. The harmony between elements must be always considered. This is the way a website concept design is created. This is the way you make your audience remember your website.

What you get

Based on our discussion on what you like and dislike, we put together a custom layout which will identify unique your website.
The website will be mobile device ready. It will look great and be fully functional for users browsing your website through their mobile devices.
We will customize all the general settings of your website.
Your website is search engine optimization (SEO) ready that means you will have all tools you need to complete the SEO page by page without needing anything else.
Once your website is on production, all the search engines scripts will be added to it. Also, Google Analytic account will be created for you to be able to monitor your website.
Your website will be hosted free of charge on our development platform, far from robots scanning, till you are happy to make it public (common sense rules will apply).
This package includes only demonstrative pages. You will be the one who adds the website content.
We will assist you with training to gain confidence of managing your website (how to create all pages you need).

Note: In case you choose to have the content of the website done by us, this job will be quoted separately. We guaranty a cost-effective price.
We change only for the time we consume to do your job. We will monitor our work and we will mark it down in our Job Track Document. If the work took less than estimated time, you will pay only for the time we consumed. If the time consumed was not estimated correctly and you pay the estimated time only. This rule can apply only if you do not alter in any way the quoted job.

Static (serverless) website - Super fast and fresh look.Take advantage of our passion for web!

We take your stress about having a professional website without the hassle of managing it. When you need a website update, we will do it for you in most professional manner. You focus on your business and we take care of your website.

The appearance of professional website is guaranteed by our capabilities of managing html content net superior when compared with the results delivered by a text editor.
The website will be mobile devices friendly. All functionality of the website will be available for users which use their mobile device to browse your website.

The website will be search engines optimized and all search engines scripts will be integrated to your website. The Google Analytics account will be set up for you to monitor the website.

It is the best choice for a professional website. We can and know how to build it right.

What you get

Being a fix budget package we must restrict the number of pages. This package includes the home and contact pages only. You will provide the content and details for this two pages.
We guaranty you an affordable quote for the rest of the pages. Based on the initial discussion, you will be provided with a quote for the whole project before we start your project. We always monitor how much time we spend on a project. To make things fair to you, you will pay whatever is smaller: the amount quoted or the amount computed based on time consumed. Never more than you expect but can be less.

WordPress website vs. Static (serverless) website


Statisc (serverless) website

Database driven website

Very small footprint

Content Management System

Require HTML knowledge to change content

Linux/Windows based web server

Can run virtually on any platform including Amazon AWS

Fast loading

Extremely fast loading

Responsive layout
Fully functional on mobile devices

Responsive layout
Fully functional on mobile devices

SEO ready
You have the tools to fine tune the search engine optimisation

Search engines optimised
We will do the SEO for each page we create

User login can be implemented

No user login.

Scalable but it will be very costly

Scalable, power and geo location at resonable price.

Complete web services

We have a complete range of web services. Anything you need from content copyrighting, multi-media creation to most reliable web hosting or domain name registration or online advertising, we can deliver to you.
A quote will be provided before starting the job, for you to know exactly how much you will pay and avoid nasty surprises.


Website design on fix budget $500.

Additional services:
- Additional customisation on Worpress and / or more pages into static website. - Hosting starts from $15/mo (Amazon cloud, USA or Australia).
- Domain name registration will start from $10/year.
- Advertising campaign management will be paid weekly and starts from $250 / week (1 h/day, 5 days/week a professional will work for you only).

Order it now and you get ONE month FREE HOSTING.