Start small and target very big without big & unexpected development costs!

This package is about high quality website ecommerce ready for very competitive price, initially tailored for small businesses.

The solution we offer you here allows your business to grow unlimited without the inconvenience of building another website because the current one does not satisfy your needs anymore.

Your website is fully featured, initially we just disbale what you do not need.

  • Your website is using the OLALA Shopping Cart (our very own shopping cart) It is the best existing on the market and it is production proof.
  • Your website can get more functionality with clicks of mouse and absolutely no charge. If what you need is not available yet, just ask and we take care the rest. This is our commitment.
  • You can even choose not displaying prices and disable the shopping cart. You will have an website to only showcase your products, but it is ecommerce ready. It may accept quotations requests.
    When you decide to start selling online, with few clicks of mouse, your website can be transformed in a fully functional ecommerce website. No rebuilding your website, no restructuring your products, just add prices and enable the shopping cart.

You just cannot get better. Start now!

Who can use the $1000 website package

There are many business models out there, but the website ecommerce-ready package is flexible enough to cover big part of them. If you find yourself in one of the following situation, you may consider our offer:

If you want to showcase your products, but you are not ready to sell online. You organise your products like ecommerce style, no prices will be listed, but instead a quote request form for each of your products.

Looking to sell your products through distributors or resellers only? You do not want to make your distributors or resellers feel like you compete with them. Nothing more appropriate for you that taking advantage of this offer. Your website will include a application form for new distributors / resellers and a dedicated page to display all your distributors / resellers and their location if you like.

You sell specialised products that targets military or government organization? You get the opportunity to build an website to advertise your products, but you are not displaying prices for general users. You may choose to show prices only for specific category of users. Your website will recognise the user based on his login details and will display the prices for him.

You are not allow to sell your products to general public, just to specialised institutions? The need of advertising hits everyone and having a website come in handy. Instead of having a classic website where the products are displayed one under the other, an ecommerce like website will be more appropriate as give a better chance to your products not being overlooked by their position on page. You can allow your ecommerce-ready website to display the last products added into the website as being new products. You can announce an upcoming product if applicable. Also you may choose to make promotions. It is very easy to implement all this things and more in case you decide to use such ecommerce-ready website.

You are manufacturer and you wish to delegate the selling process to other businesses? Organise your products within an ecommerce-ready website and will be very easy to find resellers and manage their orders. You may choose to display recommended retail prices as guidance for your resellers.

Selling your products through agents based on quotes? Nothing more simple than creating an online catalog to showcase your products and your agents will work with customers directly on your website and sent them a quote by email on spot.

If you want to start an ecommerce website, this is the right choice for you. You can start small for now, but this website has the advantage of unlimited growth. Your website will be scalable.

In case you have a big shop and you are looking for a better option, talk with our specialists because they can help with bulk data imports and they will save you time and money. Additional costs may be involved for customised data transfer solutions.

What you get

You get a secure and full-featured online shopping cart website with the complete set of powerful ecommerce options to create your own online store with minimum efforts involved.

We will get together to learn from you what is your business model and which solution is best suitable for your business. Also we will focus in customise your website to match your brand look and feel. The result will be a fully customised ecommerce website or ecommerce-ready website that you can manage it by yourself. You can add as many products as you need at any time, without limitations. It is totally under your control. Training included and documentation available at all times.

It is a user friendly CMS (Content Management System) website with an easy to use text web editor which make your work of adding new products a breeze.

Your website is mobile friendly. Your audience will be able to browse your website at full functionality on mobile devices and optimised for fast loading.

Also, your website is SEO ready, which means that you have the tools to fine tune the search engine optimisation for each page of your website. Furthermore, the field for meta tags will be prefilled for you with the product name or category name to assure you do not miss on SEO in case you do not touch this area.

This website is fully scalable in case your business is growing. You can simply ask us to add new features on your website without the need of changing it which will be more costly and time consuming.

Probably most important feature, your website will be kept updated. Never your website will become deprecated. You will not be forced to revamp your website because is not working anymore or have security issues. You will just use it for many years from now.

Complete web services

OLALA is a leading supplier of complete web solutions. Our experts will provide you with professional advice and assistance for your online presence.

We will be at your service in case you decide to delegate us to do additional work on your website, such adding content in your website, content copyrighting, advertising services, multimedia production and / or processing. Additional fees will be applied.

Note: In case you decide to host your website with us, you will get one year free SSL certificate install for your website. The hosting will be charged separately.
For new businesses, have your domain name register with us and first two years are free of charge for you.

Transfer your domain name on our platform and benefit of fast DNS propagation and lowest annual prices for domain name registration.


Ecommerce website design / ecommerce-ready website design on fix budget $,1000.

Additional services:
- Hosting starts from $15/mo (Amazon cloud, USA or Australia).
- Domain name registration will start from $10/year.
- Advertising campaign management will be paid weekly and starts from $250 / week (1 h/day, 5 days/week a professional will work for you only).

Order it now and you get TWO years FREE DOMAIN NAME and ONE month FREE HOSTING.