We help our clients even when it is about payment - financing with 0% interest rate

You already know how important an effective website is to your business, but like many other companies, you may be feeling the economic crunch. You may think that means you will have to put your website design (or website redesign) on hold until better times come back.

The good news is that OLALA offers you financing on our website design & web development services with 0% interest. We understand that many companies desperately need to update their websites, but they just cannot afford to shell out their hard-earned money all at once.

Our financing makes it easy for you to achieve the website you deserve, yet still keep your cash flow in control.

How does it work?

Why finance your website?

  • When you finance your website, you can get started today with a smaller investment and easy to manage weekly payments.
  • 0% Interest -You do not pay us any additional fees.
  • Save time: Get your website up and running as soon as applicable, so you can achieve your business goals sooner.
  • You can improve your company's image and make a powerful impression while your competitors stick with an out dated website.

Why finance your website?

Simply contact us to book a meeting together. During the meeting we will start off by learning exactly what kind of web services you need to be done for your website. Based on your requirements, you will receive a quotation and a time frame for web services execution. If you accept our quotation, together we will decide and sign the terms and hourly rates of the Web Maintenance Agreement.

How does our website design process work?

The Web Maintenance Agreement stipulates the web services to be done over the contract period, up to time specified (hours per week), including but not limited to: creating new content, website structure changes, content update, search engine optimisation and social media integration.

All jobs are monitored by OLALA such us: job date, estimation hours to be completed, priority, status and payment. The client has online access 24x7 to a document where he can see the status of jobs. New jobs can be required by the customer and will be quoted by WOD team and subject of customer approval.

The payments for services provided hereby are done with one week in advance until the contract is ended.

During the period of Web Maintenance Agreement, the website in development will be hosted on our servers so that you can see exactly how your new website will display and check its functionality in your web browser.

Your website can be online on commercial environment when you consider that its basic functionality it is enough to start alive. During the development process, the website will be continuously monitored to avoid the errors and all new functionalities will be added to the skeleton of your website.

Your feedback will be deeply appreciated and needed during the web development process.

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