Your website is at the epicentre of your business success online

  • The website is cost effective way of global advertising (24 hours x 7 days/week)
  • The website is an easy way to communicate with your clients and customers: Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing approach
  • A website offer convenience: It is far more convenient for a person to research a product on the Internet than to come in person to your office
  • A website gives you the opportunity to tell to potential customers what your business is about and why you deserve their trust and confidence
  • The Internet also allows for Viral Marketing where your website visitors spread positive word-of-mouth about your business - your customers do marketing for your business!
  • ... and websites can have any functionality that you want to have

If you consider financial side and think how much money are paid using the internet then you may have a rough big picture of what exactly means to be or not to be present there via one or more websites / web applications and how important is that your presence to be as perfect as possible.
Competition is huge. Web design is beyond a good looking appearance; the website has to be developed in consideration with user experience and business goals. This is the moment when OLALA can help you..


  • Load fast
  • Shown nice and be fully functional on all devices
  • Be very search engine friendly
  • Every page must have a scope / call to action (buy/contact/request quote)

Web applications & Services

  • Load fast - Well designed database
  • Be fully functional on all devices
  • Designed with scalability in mind
  • Being modular and ready anytime to run as service(s)
  • Allow mobile apps to connect to it

Desktop & mobile apps

  • Load fast / designed for a specific operating system
  • Be secure from user and application perspective (if applicable)
  • Able to securely buffer enough data if it acts as an extension / terminal of a web application

Desktop & Mobile Device apps for Web applications

    Why you should have them:
  • Rapid growth in revenue generation
  • Build Brand and Recognition
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Web Applications

OLALA Agency develops web applications from very simple to very complex (applications database driven, with scalability in mind and geo redundancy ready.
We develop applications that can run in Linux or Windows environment using Apache/PHP/MySQL or NodeJS/NOSQL database.
All applications are responsive (show beautifully in any browser on any device) and has CMS (Content Management System, it means that you will be able to change the content and layout by yourself).

Designed by OLALA Agency, controlled by you!


  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • Front page - Top.
    • The best "Call to action" spot.
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  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • How easy is that for search engines?
    • The most clean header and code ever, all meta tags are in very top, no messy stylesheets and JavaScript.
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  • Website & Web applications by OLALA Agency

    • Main data area (list)
    • Clean layout, maximum functionality and EASY TO USE (never stress your internet users).
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  • Website & Web applications by OLALA Agency

    • Details area
    • Clean layout, all details someone ever need and cherry on top, may be fully manageable from admin area.
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  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • Footer area.
    • Increase users trust and allow quick navigation - keep them on your website or make them to contact you
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  • Web applications & Apps by OLALA Agency

    • EASY to USE
    • Simplicity, functionality, being stable and secure.
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Web design & Apps development in Blacktown, Parramatta and Hills District

OLALA.COM.AU TM is based in Blacktown and we aim to provide services for businesess around 25 km: Parramatta and Hills District and not only. Our goal is to contribute to the succes of local businesses.

We specialise in a large range of web services and graphic design for businesses in the Parramatta Area.

OLALA has designed websites for businesses in the following suburbs in the Parramatta and Sydney Area:

  • - eCommerce - Seven Hills, Parramatta, NSW
  • - Macquarie, North Ryde, NSW & Blacktown
  • - CMS Made Simple website - Broadway Sydney & Chatswood & Burwood, inner-western suburb of Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Blacktown, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Rockdale, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Marrickville, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Seven Hills, Parramatta
  • - eCommerce - Winston Hills, Parramatta
  • - Kirrawee DC, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Sans Souci, NSW
  • - eCommerce - Chipping Norton, NSW
  • - eCommerce - Winston Hills, Parramatta
  • print2order - St. Leonards, North Sydney, NSW
  • - Princes Hwy, Tempe, NSW
  • - Silverwater, NSW
  • - Matraville, NSW
  • - Helensburgh, NSW
  • - Leichhardt, Sydney
  • - Broadway, Sydney & Chatswood & Burwood, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Sefton, Parramatta
  • - Seven Hills, Parramatta
  • - eCommerce - Jannali, Sydney
  • - eCommerce - Auburn, Parramatta
  • - eCommerce - Seven Hills, Parramatta
  • .... and many more

OLALA is one stop web solutions & services provider for all areas of Sydney and Parramatta: Web Design and Development, Web Hosting, Domain name Registrations, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, Multimedia Producer.

How we work

OLALA.COM.AU TM works in respect with QA (ISO standard 9001)

We like to “meet” our clients and get to understand their business before committing in web and / or apps development. If you are in Blacktown, Parramatta or Hills district, having a meeting face to face is very welcome. Other ways, our meeting will be online.
A website or apps can have a complex functionally not only you to be present on the web. It can be a tool to help your business development: from administrative to marketing tool or a service or anything you think of. For complex applications, there are few steps to start the development: Planning – Execution – Rolling-out. We are here to help you with our expertise:

  1. After an initial discussion, we will put together an estimated cost and execution timeframe.

  2. The next step is to build documentation for your web or apps development. The documentation will be based on deep understanding or your needs and will include the technical specification in details. Having the documentation means that will be no misunderstandings or presumptions. The changes are to be done now before starting on development. The documentation will allow a good time management and a realistic cost estimation of the development process.
    We will guide you through technical specification to ensure you are in control.

  3. The development is starting only after the approval of the documentation. Each task will be documented in a Job document to justify the estimated price. This Job document will be available to you at all time to consult. If applicable, you may see the progress of your project online on our development platform where we build your website or application. When we work on your project, we will keep you updated with the progress by email.

  4. After the website or application is finished, the testing period is quickly following. Still under our platform, you will be able to run any test to ensure everything is ok and are no bugs.

  5. The very final stage is running the website or application in production. We will monitor the project to be sure it runs smooth and without errors. From now, you are good to take the control over your website or application.

Communication is the key of our success together. We will make our work transparent for you and we will ask you to give us assistance with feedbacks, testing and running in production your project. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Work in the way you want and need with customized web and desktop apps.

Website design or Apps development Financing - 0% Interest

In these moments of economic crunch, you may not feel comfortable spending big money on website development. To help you to get the most and sooner from your online business, OLALA has for website design and applications development services finance payment options to break down the total amount in easy & affordable payments with 0% annual interest fee.

You can take advantage of our website financing for the following:

  • Website design or eCommerce development

  • Website redesign

  • Website maintenance that may refer to improving the SEO, updating the content, managing the social network, marketing campaigns

  • Web apps development
  • Desktop apps development

You can get started today your website design and apps developing with a smaller investment and easy to manage weekly payments. Talk with us now to get started.

Results and experience, innovative creativity and dedication, therefore you should choose

Full Web Services main target is to become one stop web service provider for your online business. Less time consuming and less hassle for you and reliable and cost effective solution for your business.

Our focus is on the quality of web services and solution provided and on building long time relations with our customers for win to win situations.

Web Design & Apps development in Blacktown, Parramatta & Hills Area

Web Design & Development, Apps Development, Web Hosting, Domain name Registrations, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, Multimedia Producer for businesses in Blacktown, Parramatta & Hills District.


One time fees
from $800

Jobs under $1,000
- amount must be paid in advance
- includes one hour consultancy
- it does not include project documentation

Project documentation:
- is mandatory for web applications and it cost $1,200
- must be paid in advance.
- Price includes up to 3 hours consultancy. Initial meeting is charged as well.

Technical support by phone 24x7 is available on demand or prepaid $80/hour, chunks of 15 minutes.