Understanding human behaviour in buying process

We are eternal students of human buying behaviour and new marketing techniques. We look through human eyes in everything we do. We strive to understand what role the brands play in people lives. We seek to find meaningful ways to communicate with people about brands and build new and long-lasting business human connections.

Based on discussions with our client, we will guide him to choose the most effective advertising techniques. OLALA team is dedicated to create, plan and hand-balling advertising for its clients.

Advertising audience

At OLALA Agency, based on discussions with the client, we will determine the targeting audience from Demographic and Psychographic point of view, thus this, the size and type of target audience.

Advertising timing

We will determine the best option of advertising frequency which fits your seasonal and business-cycle trends, your budget and the type of media used.

Advertising media

Based on our customer budget for advertising campaign, on size and type of targeted audience and on message composition, we will determine the most cost-effective media vehicles within each chosen media type.

Advertising budget

Any campaign must have a budget.
Typically a company should earmark between 5 to 10% of revenues to advertising and marketing initiatives.

Advertising objectives

We work with our customer to determine and understand the characteristics of advertising object.
Based on experience, professionalism and creativity, we will create meaningful, easy to remember message that will influence the buying decision of the audience.

Advertising effectiveness

Communication effect seeks to determine whether an ad is communicating effectively. We will analyse the audience exposure, its interaction and connection with the client brand. This audit will be concentrated on audience, type of media communication and message effectiveness.
Based on this analyse we will be build a report to show the way how the advertising campaign reach its targets and the effectiveness of each media vehicle on reaching the targeted audience.

Online Advertising

The beauty of online advertising is that the advertiser only pays for the number of visits that its advertisement generates, and the results of its efforts dollar for click can accurately be measured.
Online advertising generate traffic for the website and increases website prominence in search engines.

We have developed an online push - pull mechanism to maximise the impact of the online advertising.

PUSH mechanism

PUSH mechanism is intended to get the word out to an entire group of potentials customers / clients in order to hit those that may be currently interest in advertised products or services:
  • Web designing and developing
  • Optimising website content
  • Online banners ads
  • Email marketing
  • Social networks
  • Word of mouth campaigns
  • Rich media advertising

PULL mechanism

PULL mechanism is intended to draw visitors to the targeted website when they actively are seeking the advertised product or service:
  • Pay per click and bid management
  • Directory listings
  • Publishing articles
  • Social network advertising
  • Building affiliate programs
  • Video advertising

PULL mechanism offline

The PULL mechanism can be combined with traditional advertising methods for the success of attracting the audience conditioned by offline advertising such as:
  • TV advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Newspapers or magazines advertising
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Billboard advertising

Offline advertising works very well because there is something physical attached to your advert. People remember it very well and it usually produces a high quality lead.
The focus of traditional advertising methods is on directing audience to take action online such us buying online, contacting the business online, requesting a quote, seeing more information etc.

The final step in online advertising campaigns driven by OLALA Agency is to monitor the advertising performances:

  • Conversion analysis
  • Landing pages for integrating online and offline advertising program
  • Marketing survey campaigns
  • Web analytics

We offer to our customers an integrated solution from advertising consultancy to creative designing, copywriting and editing services, branding audit, website development and improvement of website performance.

Online advertising benefits:

  • It is the most powerful and cost-effective tool to drive traffic to your web site
  • Provides maximum exposure to your products and services than any other form of advertising
  • Helps you to reach the targeted audience and this is making your campaign more profitable and you get more relevant leads
  • It is measurable and easy to track the conversion rates
  • It is much faster than offline advertising
  • The advertiser is able to convey more details about the advertisement to the audience
  • Payment flexibility is another added advantage of online advertising and marketing
  • Makes easy for the audience to engage with your ads or products / services
  • Stands a notch high in improving the branding of your company, service or product

Online Marketing is suitable for:

  • Any business new or old, big or small
  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers / Retailers and Services providers
  • Brand awareness
  • Promoting a Business name / Organization
  • Increase visibility for a website
  • Products or services advertising
  • Advertising current promotions

What we can do for you

Money should be spent wisely. To make the adverting affordable and manageable, we break down in small pieces an aggressive campaign which targets multiple platform. Click one of the buttons bellow if you find interesting topic for your business. Based on your budget, any combination is possible and negotiable. Contact us to find out more.


Search Engine Optimization - Just another good reason you need OLALA Agency.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

Our Search Engine Optimization services include:

  • SEO Consultancy: Research, analyses and content optimization to gain better Search Engine visibility.
  • SEO Audit: Identify and fix technical on-page and off-page opportunities and issues to ensure the online success.
  • Web copywriting: Create engaging original copy with right "Keywords" in mind to target Search Engines and attract buyers.
  • Design versatility: Optimizing the website appearance and visibility among desktops and mobile devices.
  • Link Building Services: Building reputation and creating brand authority and trust through valuable relevant content.
  • Online Reputation Management: Identifying the target audience and the market niche and highlighting the brand uniqueness. Constant connection with targeted audience.
  • Web Directory listing.
  • Website monitoring: Web analytics and eCommerce statistic services and consulting on conversion rate improvement
  • Website maintenance: Consulting services and training on site optimization, promotion, quality assessment, traffic analysis and conversion improvement.

Search Engine Optimization should be an ongoing process of improving and significate results will be visible in time: from six to twelve months. It is recommend to combine the organic Search Engine Optimization approach paid advertising to speed up the process.

Website Monitoring

Monitor - Analyse - Improve

Website Monitoring allows website performance analyses. Based on this analyses can be planed and implemented Search Engine Optimization strategies and measure the results of this strategies. Also Website monitoring is useful for optimizing the paid advertising performance such:

  • Bid management: optimizing PPC (Pay per Click) Search Engine bids based on the maximum amount paid per keyword, to maximize Return on Investment.
  • Conversion Analysis: implementing and testing online advertising strategies to an existing website to get more sales and leads from the same amount of traffic.
  • Landing pages for integrating online and offline advertising: measure the advertising effects on actions.

The online world is evolving continuously and so the human behaviour. Web monitoring should be an ongoing activity for any website; we need to analyse and understand the usage of a website in order to demonstrate its value or to improve it. By understanding the human interaction with the website, allow us to improve it and maximize the results.

We provide:

  • Technical expertise: setting up the monitoring tools and scripts insertion into websites
  • Training: basic understanding of how to use the monitoring tools
  • Consultancy: analyses, strategies and reports on improvement of website performance

AdWords Campaign

Optimise your online advertising revenue. Boost website traffic and sales.

AdWords is an essential online marketing solution for any website owner and any type of business:

  • promotions
  • increase visibility for a specific service or product
  • increase sales
  • brand awareness

Setting up an AdWords Campaign require time and knowledge. We are here to help. Our PPC specialists will setup, monitor and optimise the AdWords campaign for you to obtain maximum return for minimum expenditure:

  • Understanding the product to be advertised
  • Setting up the AdWords campaign
  • Creating appealing message
  • Landing pages management
  • Analysing the target public
  • Campaign optimisation and bid management
  • Campaign monitoring to quantify the results

AdWords Express

Local advertising. Small businesses now can afford AdWords Express!

AdWords Express is tool meant to promote small businesses on Google Search and Google Maps in easy way and with small monthly budgets. The search results will be display as following:

Google Searches: The AdWords Express will appear for local businesses queries in same places as standard AdWords ads (above and beside search results).

Google Maps: The AdWords Express will be marked with a distinctive blue pin on Google Maps, helping business stand out to potential customers.


  • LOCAL TARGETING - Attract clients locally: AdWords Express campaigns target end users who are nearby the advertiser or search for a specific product/service offered by the advertiser
  • TRANSPARENT - Cost control: Monthly budget limit specified by the advertiser
  • MEASURABLE - Simple performance tracking: simplified dashboard
  • GREATER ELIGIBILITY- No need to have a website: the Place Page can be the destination page for the ads

Our experts will create a campaign that works – efficient and result driven. They will organise a completely customized campaign based on research and customers specific circumstances to drive positive results that cater to advertiser.

Social Media Ads Campaigns & Interactive Promotion

Multiply and convert followers into customers.

The number of followers can be multiplied with advertising. Olala team will provide you cost-effective advertising campaigns on social media:

  • Identifying the advertising objective
  • Planning the strategy of the campaign
  • Creative adds with engaging content
  • Target market segment with chance for conversion into customers
  • Monitoring and optimising the campaign
  • Annalise the results of the campaign

Social media advertising campaigns management cost will consist of a setup fee and additional weekly monitoring cost for the advertising period. There is a setup fee and can be additional fees based on time spent on project. Please contact us for an estimation customised on your circumstances.

Social Network Management

Fish your customers into a big pool, social media.

To have results for a business, social networks have to be updated regularly, at least twice a day at different intervals and most importantly at specific hours to be right in front of your followers. To achieve this a company must have an employee or freelancer dedicated to this job or must employ an advertising agency. OLALA Agency is doing precisely this. We take care of your customers network communications and grow their network. We have the expertise to combine the daily communication with advertising campaigns within the networks to enhance the followers number and to convert them into customers.

Social network are a good way to build customer loyalty because your business and they are in the same "circle" and they know your business. Why to go to a stranger? Here is built the company trust and your business reputation can be managed and influenced in better.

The social network should be a continues work for a company. It is true, though, once your network is big, it will grow even bigger just by itself. But do not forget that people like to communicate each other's, if leave them alone, they will go away finally. So, always keep them close, because the closer they are, the easier is to convert them into buyers.

Social Network Management cost may consist of a setup fee or just an weekly monitoring cost, See prices (bottom of this page). Contact us to discuss the cost of your social network management cost.

Business Pages on Social Networks

Be where your customers are. Be social.

Business Pages on Social Networks are for businesses who want to take advantage of viral marketing on social medias. Whatever you target your local area or you have worldwide business, you will welcome the audience of social network.

OLALA Agency comes into scene with creativity, tools and experience to create attractive pages with interesting content, the secret ingredient for viral sharing:

  • The cover photos that will capture the essence of your business and showcase your product or service
  • The profile pictures will be business logo customised on profile pictures requirements (a certain size square)
  • Create & publish visually engaging page posts for your business
  • Regular content posting and followers acquisition
  • Consistent look of pages on different networks

Prices are based on networks targeted and type of content, including filming and video processing.

Talk with our experts to find out which networks fits your business best.

Custom Apps & Apps Hosting for Social Network

Social is the way to go for modern businesses.

Interact with your social network though apps customised for your business:

  • Have your contact page on social media
  • Display your deals on social media
  • Organise competitions on social networks
  • Have your online shop on social networks
  • Build a customer service within social networks
  • Build a real time customer review system within social networks
  • Be fully present on social networks where your clients are
  • Allow users to log in with social media credentials into your website and so on

The apps make almost everything possible on social networks. What you need is a social network applications developer? Look no further, you just found us. Contact us for a free quote on your Facebook App.

eMail Campaigns

eMail Campaigns that works for your business.

Email marketing is high performing at low-cost advertising techniques. Using us as your email marketing campaign solution provider, you will have the following advantages:

  • Email campaigns save you money and are ecological ways of communication. Sending email is considerably cheaper than using the traditional post to mail your printed advertising.
  • Email campaigns save you time. Compiling, testing and sending out email marketing campaigns can be completed by our team in a matter of hours or minutes, not days, freeing up your time to do what you do best.
  • Email campaigns help building brand awareness. Regular communication with your clients, help you build awareness and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Email campaigns can be monitored. Our team will track the email campaign responses and give you reports on who opened your e-mails, what links they may have opened and how they responded to your campaign.
  • Email campaigns allow you communicate directly with your target audience. Your email is delivered straight to the inbox of your client, allowing you to push your message to your audience.
  • Email campaigns provided by OLALA Agency allow you to get personal with your customers. Each message sent via our services can be personalized for each recipient. Sending an email to Dear George, it is a lot better than sending it to Dear Sir, or Dear Customer.
  • Your list of emails will not be imported on a server where technicians have access to them and may be tempted to sell them; we are responsible for your emails privacy.
  • Professional emails with appealing content. Increased probability your emails to be open and have positive outcome.

Send customers a grand-opening email when your web site launches, then send new emails regularly as your business grows to drive traffic to your site, build relationships with your visitors, and increase customer loyalty. Sending coupons or promotions is another great way to grab your audience attention and encourage them to return to your site. The point is simply to remind your audience of your business and encourage them to come back.

Newsletter Campaigns

Keep in touch with your customers. Keep them informed.

Comparing with emails campaigns which are occasional communication, a newsletter is meant to be sent out at regular communication. Nowadays most common way to send a business newsletter is by email. Printed newsletter is an expensive alternative. The choice is yours. Printed or email, Olala team can help. We will design for you professionally newsletter, send and track it, allowing you to keep in touch with your audience. Our team provides you with a comprehensive and creative message, ensuring your audience associates this message with your brand.

OLALA Agency provides all services from template design to newsletters copywriting or even printing. Simply send us your content and we will do the rest with full online proofing before your newsletters are sent.

Landing Pages

Convert visitors into buyers.

A landing page is an entry point to a website that is typically not the home page. Landing page is usually tied to a special promotion or unique service offering. Landing Pages should appear when a consumer clicks on an ad with the primary purpose of creating a relevant, targeted and conversion orientated destination for the audience.

Landing pages together with web banners are used to generate interest about the product or service and, most importantly, to get the users to take action.

Landing pages are web pages where you must convert eyeballs to sales. Email promotions and banner ads can get traffic to your website. The landing page will make the sale.

Great online banner ads and landing pages are the core elements to any successful online advertising campaign:

  • Firstly, landing page shortens the overall conversion process. Visual impact of web banners causing the user interest about a product or service that ultimately creates a desire to learn more, a step towards buyer conversion.
  • Furthermore, your landing page and web banners create a "first impression" of your brand. Many customers will judge decide within the first 8 seconds of clicking through from your ad if they are going to buy or stick around!
  • Finally, a landing page can make your website more relevant to a specific search query, thus boosting your quality score, ad rank and overall position on the search network (while lowering your cost per click).

At OLALA Agency we provide complete services: creation, testing and optimisation landing pages and online banners. Talk with our experts about your needs and we deliver.

Homepages Design

Homepages are the key for an successful website.

Homepage is the entry point into your website. Being an entrance, creates a very precise "first impression" of your brand and is meant to keep your visitors sticking around. The homepage should tell your visitors what is your business about, provides with intriguing knowledge about your products or services that ultimately creates a desire to learn more. It takes knowledge and creativity to keep vivid user interest.

Homepages are very important for Search Engines as well. They should be considered when taking actions in building the homepage, because Search Engines brings you new visitors. It is important to show Search Engines what is your website about.

OLALA Agency will create, test and optimize the homepage for you. Contact us to find out more.


Spread the word about your business

You do what you do best, but what about when the time come to write for your website, your blog, your newsletter, emails campaign, posts on social networks or articles to spread the world about your business, products or services? Time consuming, stress, frustration and nothing sounds right. No time for these! Do not hurt your business by not paying attention to these things.

Online content remains the best way to communicate in keep in touch with your customers. It is the cheapest way to advertise your business and products and services; it has long lasting results; the content is efficient tool to build awareness, build credibility, stimulate the sales and hold down promotion costs; it can be spread everywhere.

Contact us as your content experts to do the job for you in professional and ethical manner. We like to write and we know how to write for persuasive content for humans and search engines. Let's start now.

  • TV advertising

    • TV network it was and still it is one of the most powerful advertising media.
    • Consider it if you can afford to spend $$$,$$$ / year.
    Interested? Click here  
  • Google AdWords

    • If you really want that people see you all over the internet then this is the best choice.
    • Consider it if you can spend at least US$30,000 in a three months campaign.
    Interested? Click here  
  • Social media advertising

    • The best choice for "entry level".
    • Spend as much as you can afford, you can start with as little as $10/day/social media channel.
    Interested? Click here  


Prices for our Search Engine Optimization services start from $500/week depending on website size and industry and type of optimization (standard website, local business or e-commerce website). It will be progressive optimization and only with 6 months to 1 year commitment. Contact us for complete estimation of your SEO campaigns.

Google AdWords campaign
Management cost for AdWords Campaign starts from $250/week for progressive work with $1000 setup fee. Our prices depend on campaign complexity. Contact us to discuss your case.

Social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
- Setup fee: from $250 / social media channel, it includes up to 1 hours consultancy.
- Create social media "page" (if applicable and necessary): $150
- All after that is chargeable per hour, see below. How much, it depends of how many changes you request or are necessary to fine tune the campaign.

Hourly charge:
$80 per hour
Minimum charge: from $20 (15 minutes) paid in advance.
All is charged in chunks of 15 minutes.

Technical support by phone 24x7 is available on demand or prepaid $80/hour, chunks of 15 minutes.